High Times

Kinky Friedman (yeah, that’s right) is running for Governor of Texas, and he’s trying to capture the reefer vote.

Kinky Friedman says he favors legalizing marijuana to keep nonviolent users out of prison. If Texas elects him governor, he says, he’ll try to get locked-up pot users released to make room for more violent criminals.

“I think that’s long overdue,” Friedman told The Associated Press in an interview Wednesday. “I think everybody knows what (U.S. Sen.) John McCain said is right: We’ve pretty well lost the war on drugs doing it the way we’re doing it. Drugs are more available and cheaper than ever before. What we’re doing is not working.”

Friedman, the often irreverent singer, entertainer and mystery writer, is running as an independent in a bid to unseat Republican Gov. Rick Perry, and he’s getting some serious attention.

Kinky is probably right. Legalization could be the way to go, so long as the government poisons the crop before it’s packaged and sold. That’d solve the drug addict problem.

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