Hey Kids What Time Is It?

Wow, where did the day go?

Intentions, assumptions…

I had intended to blog this morning, but then something got in the way and I couldn’t. So, I’m off to work, and I’m thinking that I’ll take some time during lunch and write. It’s a safe assumption, because I usually eat at my desk and the computer is right there in front of me. It’s easy to dash off a few blog articles and then get back to work after an hour. As it turned out, I was wrong on that. I’m training a new person in my department, so this means lots of talking, explaining, more talking and more explaining. Before I know it, lunch is half eaten and now it’s time to get back to work.

And now here we are. It’s late in the afternoon and I’ve got commitments this evening so I probably won’t get to write anything until late tonight.

So it is with the blog.

More (hopefully) later.