He's Toast

Via the Seattle PI:

Senior Democrats are trying to persuade national Chairman Terry McAuliffe to continue his service as party chairman, especially if none of the current candidates gains momentum in the race to replace him.

McAuliffe met privately Wednesday with several Democratic senators on Capitol Hill, and was asked again to consider serving for another year or two, Democrats say. McAuliffe’s response was not immediately known, but he has been cool to such overtures in the past.

Democratic Party spokesman Jano Cabrera said, "The chairman appreciates being asked to stay, but for now he remains focused on handing over a modernized, mobilized and debt-free Democratic Party."

This means one of two things:

1. "Senior Democrats" is almost always a code phrase for Bill and Hillary. This could be an attempt by them to keep as many of their "boys" in the fold as possible, what with Ickes withdrawing his candidacy just a day ago.


2. This is a Democrat manufactured face saving story meant to provide a way for McAullife to exit  the chairmanship gracefully, shielding him from blame for a failed campaign. This would also allow the new chair to stand next to McAullife and shower him with praise for his unselfishness rather than facing a name calling, finger pointing and fight.

Either way, McAullife is gone.

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