He's Not President Anymore

Via Reuters:

Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein appealed to Iraqis from his prison cell to unite against what he called U.S. efforts to sow sectarian divisions, his lawyers said on Sunday.

Doesn’t anyone understand that if you give this guy a microphone, or stand in front of him with a pad and pencil, he’s gonna act like he’s still the president of Iraq? This is especially dangerous. Let me count the ways:

  1. Iraq will be electing a new government in just over 30 days. Last I checked, Saddam wasn’t a candidate. Therefore, he shouldn’t be allowed to speak.
  2. Who are these lawyers? Shouldn’t they be preparing their client for a court of treason and not be helping him send propaganda messages back home?
  3. Has anyone forgotten that there are still insurgent terrorist forces on the ground in Iraq, and if they hear stuff like this from "Father Saddam" it could be counter productive in the effort to win the peace? Never mind that it might actually aid in getting some of our soldiers killed?

If I could speak to the media, I’d tell them to leave these stories alone. Any "Saddam" reporting should be stifled (at least for the time being) and not encouraged. His goverment is OVER. He has no authority anymore. While his trial might be "entertaining" for some, anytime his words are broadcast or his picture publicized, it creates hope in some people.

Is it too late to manufacture a story about Saddam dying? Has anyone considered how a story like that might help the war effort?


  1. some things will just never change

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