"Heads Will Roll" at CBS?

OK, so I’m a bit cynical on this topic nowadays, but I won’t be holding my breath for this.

A CBS News insider tells Inside the Beltway "four or five" of the network’s employees face dismissal as CBS prepares to release a "critical" internal investigative report on the use of fake documents in a pre-election story challenging President Bush’s Vietnam-era service in the Texas Air National Guard.

Overheard in a cold, dark CBS board room – "Let’s see now, we need to get rid of the extra guy in the employee cafeteria. It’ll be easy. He doesn’t wash regularly. Oh, and that gopher courier guy is getting ready to go to college, so he can be let go. Let’s see, that’s two…we got three more to go."

Meanwhile, we’re STILL waiting for the report.


  1. Heads Will Roll at CBS?

    So says the Pundit Guy, cribbing a piece from the Washington Times….

  2. Dick Thornburg will visit Punxsutawney Phil on Feb. 2 to see if CBS should extend the deadline for its report for 6 more weeks. Phil, a seldom-seen member of the investigatory panel, stated that the action did not constitute a pattern of delay or bias and maintained he was no low-life gerbil that was up anyone’s ass at cBS. The questioning became ugly when Phil, asked whether the delay would cast a shadow over cBS’ own internal investigation, stated that “he saw no stinking shadow” and hurled groundhog feces at the questioner. Rumors persisted, however, that bunk-beds were being constructed at Phil’s residence for long-term residence of certain cBS employees.

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