He Ain't Movin…For Now

Via AP: Frist Won’t Budge on Filibuster Demands

With a showdown looming, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist refused to budge Thursday on his demand that Democrats forgo filibusters against all of President Bush’s past or present nominees to federal appellate court benches or the Supreme Court.

“Throughout this debate, we have held firm to a simple principle, judicial nominees deserve up-or-down votes,” Frist said.

But Frist offered to retain the right to filibuster district court nominees in exchange for 100 hours of debate and guaranteed confirmation votes on the nation’s highest judgeships. The Senate’s top Republican also said that under his plan, senators would no longer be able to block nominees in the Judiciary Committee.

“Judicial nominees are being denied. Justice is being denied. The solution is simple, allow senators to do their jobs and vote,” Frist said in a speech on the Senate floor.

And then there’s Harry Reid, who says matter-of-factly:

“It’s a big wet kiss to the far right.”

So, obviously Harry and Bill won’t be singing Kumbyah anytime soon.

Frist with his finger on the button, but does he really have the guts to push it? Stay tuned…

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