Harry Reid is a Porker

US Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid flips his lid after the Office of Homeland Security moves Las Vegas down on the list of cities considered potential high-risk targets by terrorists. He’s called for the resignation of Homeland Security Department Secretary Michael Chertoff. Is Mr. Reid concerned for the people of Las Vegas? It’s tough to know. By making comparisons to other cities, it seems more likely that Harry’s in a tizzy because less money will be funnelled into his home state of Nevada.

“We had more visitors on New Year’s Eve than they had in Times Square and we’re not a high-risk area? For heaven’s sakes,” Reid said.

Las Vegas received $8 million in 2005 through such high-threat funding to purchase a spectrometer to detect chemical agents, special clothing, chemical response vehicles, handheld computers for emergency personnel to communicate, a bomb robot and a bomb armored vehicle, according to the Clark County Office of Emergency Management.

Chertoff defended the scaled-back approach as one that focuses federal grants on those areas most needing to make preparations, with the 35 locations decided by 3.2 billion calculations aimed at determining regions most susceptible to terrorism.

Some have said that Las Vegas isn’t threatened, it’s the ‘Strip’ that is and casino owners are already spending big money to secure it themselves, so a loss of federal funding isn’t going to immediately change anything. Unfortunately for Mr. Reid, this protestation comes off as just another example of his constant denunciation of anything the Bush Administration says or does. While it could be that his intentions are genuine, he’s lost any chance he might have had to look sincere. There is simply no more credibility there.

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