Hannity Responds

I’m paraphrasing because I don’t have a copy of the audio yet…

In response to this item from yesterday, Sean Hannity said today on his radio show that he still has a lot of friends who frequent Free Republic. He gave them lots of compliments. He claims that Freepers set the bar
high early on and established the standard for what the blogosphere is today.
But, now there are more bad freeper apples than good. He’s disappointed in the misdirected anger of Freepers because he has watched friends like Lucianne Goldberg, Rush Limbaugh, and others get crucified by these people. He says he expects personal attacks from the left, but not from supposed friends who claim to be like minded. Who claim to be fighting the same fight he is. He says a meanspiritedness has taken over the Free Republic and it simply isn’t the same
place anymore. There are tons of other issues to focus on and he can no longer be a part of a group of people who attack so viciously.

I’ll post the audio soon as it becomes available.

Update: Freepers are slow to forgive, but King Freeper Jim Robinson tells Sean to "Keep up the good work".


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