Guess it's Too Late to Ask for an Extension

Via MSNBC: Entrepreneur accused of biggest-ever tax scam.

The Justice Department on Monday filed its biggest personal tax evasion case ever, accusing the man who once tried to rescue Russia’s Mir space station, Walter Anderson, of failing to pay more than $200 million in personal income taxes by stashing income in offshore bank accounts.

Anderson, 51, earned millions by dealing in telecommunications companies after the AT&T breakup and became a global figure about five years ago when he embarked on a mission to rescue the ailing Mir space station.

If convicted on all the charges, he could face up to 80 years in prison. This case is part of a recent push by federal prosecutors to crack down on use of offshore accounts to evade U.S. taxes.

The Justice Department’s next target could be none other than ketchup magnate and “almost was First Lady” Teresa Heinz Kerr…

And at that moment, I awoke from the dream.

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