Via TVNewser: Greta Van Susteren “spends about two hours a day writing her blog and answering emails from viewers.” She claims that blogging gives her a chance to be “part of the community.” 

Note to Greta – your blog isn’t really a blog. It’s merely webspace on where you write a single article semi-regularly. It’s more like a column really. I’d be good for you to characterize it accurately. If you want to blog, get away from the Foxnews site and head to Blogger or TypePad or something. Choose one of the standard templates, or maybe ones with flowers or something. At least your blog could “look” like a blog if you did that.

Post two or more articles in a single day and accept trackbacks. I’d keep the comments section closed for now…you don’t want things to get too crazy right?

Also, while we’re on the subject, please talk to the suits at Fox and get them to completely revamp the Foxnews website. Frankly, it hurts my eyes. Just too much going on. It’s due for a new look anyway.

Back to your blog – rather than writing about your reporting on Foxnews (uninteresting), why don’t you tell us what you had for breakfast, who you sat next to on an airplane, how much your face lift cost and the maintenance involved, or what you think of the prima donna’s you work with – you know, interesting stuff like that?

You might even get an instalanche once and a while, and I’m sure you’d make this blogroll.

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