GoogleNation Knows All

Let’s face it. We are citizens of GoogleNation. And in GoogleNation, everyone can find information on anyone.

It’s clear that this guy is a new immigrant. He doesn’t yet know the laws of GoogleNation.


  • You don’t pretend in GoogleNation.
  • If you do pretend in GoogleNation, you don’t show your face to GoogleNation citizens.
  • If you do show your face to GoogleNation citizens, you are subject to full disclosure.

So, back to our immigrant.

He’s received a lot of press lately. The members of the media love him. Fortunately for him, the members of the media are strangers in the land of GoogleNation. The know not its ways, and they are never beneficiaries of its gifts. It is because of this that they do not know who our immigrant really is.

GoogleNation knows.

His name is Jeb Eddy, and he lives in Palo Alto, California. He’s a self employed software engineer and author.

He’s not a Republican, he’s a Democrat. He’s not a frustrated former member of the GOP who recently turned Democrat either. GoogleNation has a record of his political contributions to the DNC going back at least 7 years.

Welcome to GoogleNation. That is all.

h/t Wizbang

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