Goodnight Bob

Via Palm Beach Post:

U.S. Sen. Bob Graham took the stage Monday night to remind the Democratic Party faithful of all the reasons their beliefs were right even if the curtain was dropped last month on their political dreams.

"I know some Democrats are a little down, some would say depressed," said Graham, a former Florida governor whose 38-year political career will officially end Jan. 4. "I know some are on political Prozac."

But, he predicted, the Democratic Party will rise again.

"We’re going to come back and we’re going to come back because we were right. We figured it out," he said as he strolled around the set of The Florida Stage speaking to about 200 who gathered for a meeting of Palm Beach County Democrats.

Senator Graham was then given his nightly medication (chopped up in applesauce, of course) and pushed into the TV room so as not to miss Wheel of Fortune with the rest of the good folks at the Palm Beach Convalescent Center.

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