Goodbye Bill

For those of us who live in the Pacific Northwest and have attended at least one Seattle Seahawk football game, or watched the Seattle Mariner’s play baseball, we mourn the loss of a local institution.

Bill the Beerman.


Bill Scott started out as a vendor with a tray of beers and a voice that could fill the Kingdome. He ended up selling his enthusiasm to sports crowds across the country.

He was Bill the Beerman, a Seattle original who didn’t need a uniform to work a crowd. Just his signature overalls, a jersey and perhaps a hat.

Scott died Sunday morning at home in Seattle of cardiac arrest. He was 58. He had been diagnosed with colon cancer more than five years ago.

Seeing was believing. This guy could control the response of thousands…and I do mean thousands of people. We’re not talking a little cheering section, but (in the day) the entire Kingdome would respond to his command.

There won’t be another like him. Godspeed, Bill.

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