Gone Too Far

Yeah, I know what I said, but I couldn’t ignore this.

Danger – outrageous analogy ahead.

Terri’s Ordeal Compared to Christ’s Crucifixion

CNSNews.com – Terri Schiavo’s mother Mary Schindler is like another Mary — forced to watch her child die, a spiritual adviser to the Schindler family said on Tuesday.

Brother Paul O’Donnell spoke on Tuesday after a federal judge refused an emergency request to reinsert Terri’s feeding and hydration tube.

“During this week, as we look to Good Friday, all Mary the mother of Christ could do was stand at her child’s side. He was condemned by unjust courts, the same way Terri Schaivo is being condemned to die by court order.

“We pray that this modern-day crucifixion will not happen and we have faith that Terri will be liberated, and we are not giving up hope,” O’Donnell added.

The characters in this play are no longer normal people. Now, they’re divine.


Here’s the only opinion I’ve seen to date that makes perfect sense to me.

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