Gettin' Gone

I’m heading to Frankfurt Germany tomorrow. My day job requires a pilgrimage to the International Book Fair each year. The first couple of times it was cool. Now, it’s work, plain and simple. Still, there are worse places in the world to visit, so I’m not complaining. Much. At least I’ll be reunited with a love of mine. Oooh, anticipation.

Maybe being in GMT +1 will inspire me to write? I’ve been less than enthused with this blog lately. I’m sure most of you agree. Oh well, whaddaya gonna do? Sue me?

For now, there are a few interesting things to observe. First, Michelle Malkin has been photoshopped and she ain’t happy. I don’t blame her. Drudge highlights a story about a video tape of the September 11th hijackers shot in 2000. For some reason, this is news. I don’t understand why. The fallout from the Foley escapade continues. Apparently, Republicans in Congress have known about his tendencies since 2005. If that’s true, then Hastert has some splainin’ to do. OK, so that Borat guy can be funny, but does he really deserve all this attention? Think Rumsfeld should resign? Ain’t gonna happen, unless Bush wants it, and he doesn’t. Neil Armstrong has been vindicated, but I don’t care. I liked the phrase the way it was. The President of the Mormons is 96 years-young, and he ain’t going anywhere. The same can’t necessarily be said for Louis Farrakhan. And the biggest story of the day? One of the Hanson brothers is off the market. Sorry girls.

I’ll check in from Germany. Auf wiedersehen.

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