Get Ready For More NSA Leaks

The backbone has officially evaporated.

The Bush administration will brief the full House and Senate Intelligence Committees in Congress on the National Security Agency’s controversial surveillance activities, reversing course after five months.

The sessions scheduled for Wednesday afternoon on Capitol Hill were to be led by the NSA’s director, Lt. Gen. Keith B. Alexander, and were sure to focus on the ultra-secret agency’s efforts to monitor domestic calls when one party is overseas and suspected of terrorism, as well as the agency’s efforts to collect records on ordinary Americans’ calls.

By bowing to increased political pressure, this White House would rather appease arrogant members of congress than protect the secrecy behind classified programs this nation needs to conduct the war on terror. Are we really suppose to believe that members of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees won’t use this information for political gain if need be?

Attention New York Times! Hey Los Angeles Times! You’ll soon have all the fodder you need to write hit pieces on the president. Your congressional lackeys will be fully informed and ready to leak by the weekend.

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