Fuzzy Logic

Via The Boston Globe:

HERE’S THE new Democratic Party slogan: We stand for nothing but victory.

Or, as Representative Rahm Emanuel of Illinois, the new chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, told The New York Times: "Some people argue about old Democrats and new Democrats. I’m a Vince Lombardi Democrat. Winning is everything."

And this gem from well known leftist Donna Brazile…

"As a party, we have a large tent, but our basic values will remain. The Democratic Party’s problem is not what we stand for, as much as how we communicate our values."

Wrap it up and tie a big red bow around it. It’s the WAY we communicate, it’s not WHAT we communicate.

The Democrats have a LONG way to go…


  1. Ah … but you miss the point.

    Both of these people have “let slip” the secret about politics. Politics isn’t about what you stand for; it’s about what you can shove down the throats of the REST OF US. It’s about wielding power.

    And you can’t wield power if you don’t win.

    I’ll give you two examples:

    Democrats say they are against Capital Punishment. Yet … ask one if the United States should execute a War Against Terror. This is nothing less than Capital Punishment Without Trial. And they are for it (until it becomes popular to be against it.)

    Republicans say they are for small government. Yet, no matter whether Republicans are in power or Democrats, government only EXPANDS and never CONTRACTS.

    That’s because what you SAY you are for determines whether you get elected – i.e., “WIN.” What you DO is irrelevant. Nobody pays much attention, especially if you do very little that would upset the status quo which resulted in your GETTING ELECTED.

    Brazille and Emmanuel get this. Most others do not.

  2. Jack Tanner says:

    ‘This is nothing less than Capital Punishment Without Trial.’

    Put that in the annals of the dumbest things ever written.

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