Freeh TV

If you missed the 60 Minutes interview with former FBI Director Louis Freeh, you can download and watch it here. After that, head on over and check out Pamela’s wrap up.

Howard Kurtz has a write-up in the WaPo.

It’s a surprisingly even-handed interview given that it’s coming from CBS. Freeh comes off as credible, and he doesn’t seem to be releasing a book simply for the money. This man was clearly annoyed by the previous administration, and he did the right thing by revealing the dysfunctionality he witnessed.


  1. Freeh-dom’s just another word

    When Richard Clarke and Paul O’neill got opportunities to hawk their Bush bashing books on 60 Minutes, supporters of the President (myself included) were rightly outraged at the free ride given these guys. Their charges were dutifully re-inforced by th…

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