Freaking Republic

Some folks who congregate at the Free Republic are going ballistic over comments made today by Sean Hannity.

Update: OK, I concur. The freepers who are rabid over this issue are freakin nuts. There are over 2,500 comments on this post now. Go read some. It’s getting seriously kooky over there.

Radio Talk Show Host Kevin McCullough comments.

Even More: I’ve attempted to make contact with folks at the Sean Hannity show in hopes that I can talk with Sean and get further comments and clarifications on this issue. If someone gets in touch with me, I’ll report it here.

Sean’s message board has been hit with comments as well, and the current "thread" there has now been closed by someone who appears to be a moderator:

"I am going to lock this thread down. The Hannity boards are not here for you guys & gals to argue old business from the Free Republic board. Don’t bring your personal issues and battles here. Now if you look through our rules you won’t find one on that….. but I will enforce the issue anyway."

Ooooh – totalitarianism is grand isn’t it? Yes, it is Sean’s board, and he can do whatever he wants there, but man – that message could use a little PR smoothing.

Still More: Here’s one sacrificial freeper who’s going to bat for Hannity. God bless ’em.

UPDATE: I registered and posted a message on the topic stating that I was attempting to get in touch with Sean Hannity and would report his comments if I did. Ten minutes later…BAM! My post was removed and I was promptly banned from Free Republic. Jeez. Am I that much of a threat? Was I mistakenly identified as a troll? I sent a message to the webmaster asking for explanation. We’ll see what response I get.



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