I’m on a business trip in Frankfurt, Germany which means lots of time ‘pressing the flesh’ and not a lot of time at the computer. Today was unreal. Started at 6 AM with coffee and a quick email check, out the door at 8 AM, meetings all day, business dinner, and then I finally get back to the hotel room at 12:30 AM!

Knowing I haven’t blogged at all today, I get inside, take the day items out of my pockets, cell phone on the table, shoes and socks come off, and I open up the computer. Phone rings –  it’s the wife…, so of course, I take the call. 15 minutes. It’s now 12:52 AM. Boot up the computer, download email…there are a couple of personal ones that require immediate reading. Now it’s 1:00 AM. Still haven’t blogged anything yet. So I open up my blogging tabs in FireFox – 12 in all – and I start looking at some stuff for inspiration. 1:03 AM – and suddenly I hear a little voice inside my head…

“It’s one in the morning and you’re gonna blog, huh? You gotta be up at 6 AM. Oh, and another thing – YOU’RE WIPED OUT, YOU’RE STINKING TIRED, YOU’RE WHIPPED!”

The little man is always right.


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