I was drawn into this post over at Boing Boing; a report from a Serbian native named Jasmina Tesanovic in the Astrodome containing observations and an interview with a couple of evacuees. It started out interesting but after the first few paragraphs, I couldn’t believe the crap I was reading. Here’s the worst of it (and forget about any sense of context, that doesn’t seem to matter to Jasmina).

“Barbara Bush, the wicked grandma, gave an interview only yesterday, chuckling how poor people will abuse the hospitality in Texas and never go back home. Is THIS what she meant? Her cynical remark was not meant to be cynical; it was a threat, for Johnetta and Warnetta who want to rent a place and stay in Austin until somebody fixes their town PROPERLY.”

The wicked grandma? What the ?

“I’d better play the refugee after all, it is the safest place in this messy country I guess: not that I am far from that condition. I’ve been a refugee in my own country. This time I am refugee in somebody else’s country. I can tell the difference now.”

This messy country? If you don’t like it, leave.

“But then, they start playing the American national anthem, people stand straight and a big applause ends it. Is that their patriotism? Is this America?”

What? Are you amazed that these refugees can still be patriotic? Do you think that the people who are in the Astrodome are foreigners in a foreign land? Who are the volunteers around them? Oh, yeah – AMERICANS. Geez, this chick is really infuriating.

“What about the global warming that made all this happen, what about Iraq?”

Oh, there you go. The two identifiers. Environmentalist Wacko + Anti-(Iraq)War = MOONBAT. What else are you hiding?

“Everybody could tell this disaster was going to happen, why didn’t anybody do something about it? Corruption, racism, classism…. Bush is a spoiled rich kid and behaves as such….”

Ah, of course. Bush hater. Perfect.

“No, I say, he is a war criminal: all the money the world is giving now to US, money from the poorest countries in the world, may as well be used for the wars against the same countries that are giving the money. What a thought? You should secede… from Bush.”

I had no idea they taught Michael Moore-ism 101 in Serbia.

“Some military guys appear behind a neatly set desk. Next to them is a desk with a sign; We Support Our Troops, veterans. Well, good thing that troops are supporting those people here, if indeed they are.”

Riiiight – and those guys back in New Orleans wearing the fatigues, pulling the dead out of the water, rescuing the people from their homes, providing medicine, security…oh and pumping out the water, repairing the levee, etc. They can’t possibly be supporting anyone but themselves huh?

An anti-American “reporter” with a huge chip on her shoulder spewing trash in the great State of Texas. You certainly know freedom when you see it, Darling. Now go on back home to Serbia…


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