Flirtin With Disaster

Salman obviously hasn’t learned from past death threats levelled against him.

Rushdie urges Islamic reformation

Islam needs to be reformed to bring it into the modern era, the Indian-born Muslim novelist Salman Rushdie argues.

A broader interpretation of the Koran would lead to better relations and cut alienation, he writes in the Times.

This would also combat jihadist ideologies that led to the 7 July London terror attacks, Rushdie argues.

Oh, but there’s more!

“What is needed is a move beyond tradition – nothing less than a reform movement to bring the core concepts of Islam into the modern age.

“A Muslim Reformation to combat not only the jihadi ideologues but also the dusty, stifling seminaries of the traditionalists, throwing open the windows of the closed communities to let in much-needed fresh air.”

He’s right of course. But does he really have any credibility among the Muslim community? I don’t think so, and therefore his words are invisible. 

I admire the guys tenacity, but his chamber is empty.

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