Find the Leakers, Protect America

There’s lots of banter going round regarding ABC News and the government allegedly tracking phone numbers dialed by staff reporters to uncover federal employees who are leaking private and sometimes classified information. Frankly, I’m tired of reading story after story citing “anonymous sources close to the president say…” or “retired generals point to…” or “senior officials familiar with the investigation”. Those who leak sensitive information need to be rooted out, exposed and prosecuted. It’s a national security issue.

Marshall Manson says we should stop the crusade against reporters who publish news stories based on leaks. I admit – the crusade is fun, but ultimately, Manson is right.


  1. Good idea. Stop those scum who want to restrict the power of King George. You sound just like the people who support Vladimir Putin. Good job comrade. And don’t forget to send the government a report if you think anyone in your family is acting suspicious.

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