FEMA Rehires Michael Brown?

I know. It’s difficult to believe, but CBS News’ Bob Schieffer announced tonight that ex-FEMA Chief Michael Brown has told congressional staffers that he has been rehired by the Federal Emergency Management Agency – this time as a consultant to evaluate the agency’s response to the disaster caused by Hurricane Katrina!

That’s right. The man who couldn’t find his brain in the 72 hours after Katrina made landfall is now going to dig deep to investigate and reveal the actual facts about how he couldn’t find his brain 72 hours after Katrina made landfall.

I’m skeptical of this report, especially because it was Brown himself who told staffers. Michael Brown has a history of telling people things that aren’t completely true. If Brown has been seen hanging around the office a lot when he’s suppose to have resigned I’m sure he’s been pressured to explain. When you’re trying to save face, you’ll say darn near anything.

He’s probably thinking to himself, “Hey, so I’m fibbing a little bit. They’re only staffers. It’s not like I’m standing before a Grand Jury!”

Meanwhile, the Associated Press says that Brown is only serving out his remaining time at FEMA because his resignation isn’t effective until sometime this week.

Still others are spreading word that Brown is having more resume difficulties. Headhunters won’t touch it, or him.

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  1. Michelle Malkin says:


    There’s lots of buzz about last night’s CBS News report on former/not-so-former FEMA director Michael Brown’s status: Former FEMA director Michael Brown is continuing to work at the Federal Emergency Management Agency at full pay, with his Sept. 12 res…

  2. Brown was unfairly maligned. And scapegoated.

    And you are jumping on, spreading lies about Brown’s resume. And even on this, you are jumping on before you know the facts. Brown is still out of there just as soon as FEMA can learn what happened in this situation.

    Brown is not telegenic. He looks droopy and tired. All the time. He speaks slowly.

    And that’s why he was singled out.

    Shame on you for piling on.

  3. John Anderson says:

    Brown made mistakes, and is admitting most – more than most do. But two biggies show he does not belong in management:
    1. at least try to ensure that those under you are passing up information: Brown was often clueless because his people were not telling him what was going on – this would not pass muster at a McD franchise.
    2. when someone was assigned something to do in a meeting, he assumed they would do it. Nope. Take notes and names, check back.
    People are upset that he is working out the month before his resignation takes effect as a “consultant” – not me. It may not be all that useful in this particular case, but in normal circumstances I wonder why it is not done more often. The new person coming in can get info on current status of work, find out who will work unsupervised and who needs an occasional kick-start, which outside contacts must be updated because they will not ask vs those who will call in on their own… Lots of stuff that can save literally months of learning.

  4. James Smith says:

    Why should anyone be surprised at what this administration does? Doesn’t anyone remember, “Mission Accomplished” ?

  5. Raul Passarini says:

    It is true that Michael Brown is not the only one responsible for FEMA’s mistakes however his position made him responsible for FEMA’s actions or inactions. As far as admitting to his mistakes, well is more like stating the obvious.

    Regarding the issue of whether he is still getting paid because he is still working there for two more weeks or because he is now a consultant, the fact is that he should not get paid one more day than when he announced his resignation. Furthermore, I think that it is outrageous that he intends to charge the American public to find out what happened at FEMA under his supervision; his report is something that he needs to do to repay for his mistakes.

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