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“I’d rather have ’em here dead, than alive. Ya know, at least they’re not robbing ya, and you don’t have to worry about feeding ’em.”

Theresa Roy, grocery store owner and resident of St. Gabriel, Louisiana, regarding the identification and processing of Hurricane Katrina’s victims. FEMA has set up a temporary morgue in the town, located 70 miles from New Orleans. The dead could end up exceeding St. Gabriel’s population of 6,000. (video)


  1. ManWith2Dogs says:

    Unbelieveably cold bitch.

  2. cold perhaps, but a seemingly very accurate sentiment. Those who survived have done little to demonstrate they are anything but a drain on society.

    Either they are robbing & shooting, or are sitting around in their own filth bleating “the government shoulda done sumfink”

  3. She has a right to say what the hell she likes and she, as a store owner, would rather have dead people than live rapists and looters, given a choice. I think what she’d really like is neither.

    Maybe she is a cold bitch, but I’ve always had a soft spot for the monumentaly un-PC.

  4. JunkYardBlog says:


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  5. To the Asshole above with the comments pertaining to the survivors– “Those who survived have done little to demonstrate they are anything but a drain on society.”– Why don’t you be a fucking MAN and come out and say what you really want to say? The “people” whom you are refering to are BLACK PEOPLE. I’m so tired of RACIST, COWARDLY, ASSHOLES such as yourself that don’t have the BALLS to be a BLATANT RACIST. If you’re going to make a racist comment atleast don’t beat around the bush and use sly undertones–come real and put it all out there. And, might I add, let us not forget that the LARGEST MAJORITY of poor people in this world are NOT BLACK, BUT…they are indeed WHITE. If you need me to provide FACTUAL figures(statistics, demographics, etc.) I will do so.

    The only “drain on society” is the fact that IGNORANT,COWARDLY, RCIST, INBREED, and PASSIONLESS ASSHOLES LIKE YOU EXIST.
    Brian–Prowd to be Black and EDUCATED

  6. Brian: You are walking, talking, proof that one does not have to be smart to be “educated”, and that education does NOT instill common sense or decency into people who don’t have them to begin with.

    So the people I am referring to are BLACK PEOPLE? Just how about that. News reports have mentioned looting, shooting at rescuers, & people sitting in their own filth for days & complaining that somebody else should do something.

    Thank you for telling us that all of these people are black. Otherwise we mostly would not know. I am from a country which is not race obsessed, & news reports here are not mentioning that all the white & chinese people were smart enough to save themselves.

    I don’t NEED you to provide any information Brian. I think your choice of language says all we need to know about you & your mentality.

    I am not interested in who is poor, how many people in the world are poor, or what race anybody is. None of this was mentioned except by you.

    The issue is not people’s economic status, but that they have been either, complaining, looting, raping, murdering, & shooting at rescuers (by the way Brian, which race is predominant among the rescuers?)

    Brian, why do you mention money & race, when the issue is decency & common sense, neither of which can be bought, but are freely available to all? Do the world a favour Brian, top yourself!

  7. what gets me is…. that she would profit more off the living than dead. dead people dont eat or drink and from what i understand, she owns a store.

    sure maybe the volunteer morticians will buy the occasional product, but once that job is done, its back to low sales( in a 6000 person town) and what then.

    any self respecting american would love to see their business expand. why settle for less than best??? do you think levi strauss thought ‘gee i hope only these few folks buy my stuff?’
    or the guy who owned mcdonalds????

    if she is representive of this town:
    #1- they will never read this/ hear of my letter
    #2- never get off government assistance
    #3- never get the real meaning of life/love
    #4- be poor forever
    #5- constantly inbreed

    if she had any sense: she would open more stores, shoppes, bars, resturants, and welcome people to succeed and live.

    if people moved in, they will get jobs, spend money, earn capital.

    there are only 6000 people in this town. how much could the displaced possibly steal??

    and if she has so much to lose…. why does she work at that store?

    signed middle class in michigan

  8. Stacey, (Middle class in Michigan): You sure are what americans call an “armchair quarterback”.

    You have considerable advice for Theresa Roy, you must really have made some success of being in business. How many stores, shops, bars & restaurants have you opened? Operating a business in a town of 6,000 people can be quite lucrative, but a smart person like you must be aware of over capitalising?

    In a town of 6,000 how much could the displaced of New Orleans possibly steal? Are you serious? Stacey, only someone with a university education could make such a stupid comment!

    Stacey love, catch up with the real world!

  9. Hey there guy, I’m back! Okay, let’s respond, shall we? (drumroll)

    1. Trust me dude, I’m EXTREMELY skeptical about the intelligence and COMMON SENSE you possess so the feeling is indeed mutual. Many of your comments are so sad, they’re actually humerous.

    2. Sorry you didn’t care for the “language” in which I used in my earlier response. I’ll tone it down a bit for you, ok sweetie(what a fruitcake this guy is.)

    3. Dude, if you sincerely think that RACE is not a factor in all of this than YOU my friend are the one who is demonstrating a total lack of common sense. Guy, are you kidding? Either you’re really DUMB really Naive, or just plain unwilling to admit to the store owner’s racial undertone. Nah…you’re just DUMB.

    4. Hey dude, how is it that you are incapable of drawing a correlation between economic status and the topics mentioned above (looting, shooting, rape, etc.)? Hmmm…last I checked the MAINE area in which all of this CRIME is occuring is Louisiana…to be even more specific…NEW ORLEANS which happens to be one of the more dangerous cities in the U.S. In other words, these same crimes were already taking place BEFORE Hurricane Katrina. And guess whose committing these crimes? The Poor, not the well- to-do. Is that a coincidence smart guy? Hmmm…ever heard of oppression? You obviously have not a clue as to what can happen when you have a large group of already frustrated, HAVE-NOTS in a vacinity with opportunity. And this ENTIRE ISSUE AS A WHOLE and the Woman store owner’s comments have nothing to do with MONEY? Dude SHUT UP, PLEASE.

    5. Hey guy, I’m glad that in whatever country you’re from race isn’t a factor. Kudos to you guy. However, in the United States, race has been and will alway be very much a factor. I just had the balls to comment on it. But then again, you’re the type of guy that likes to think these sort of issues have nothing to do with race because a racist media doesn’t directly come out and say the N word. The store woman didn’t have to say the N word either to convey her disgust for Blacks. Just like the media doesn’t have to come out and say Blacks are the only one’s looting despite the fact that they BLATANTLY SHOW White victims LOOTING but say they’re “looking for food” but Black victims aren’t, they’re ONLY LOOTING. But, I guess that’s all a facade as well, huh?

    6. Lastly, I in no means want to convey that I am defending senseless looting, raping, or killing…by anyone is acceptable under any circumstance. It’s wrong by anyone. However, I can say that I am atleast open-minded enough to comprehend how these acts can occur in an oppressed environment that already initially contained these elements. What the hell did you expect dude; everyone to come together and sing Kumbaya? New Orleans is only one of the most crime-ridden cities in America. GET A CLUE JERK.

  10. Hey guy from a different country; one more thing, I guess it’s merely a COINCIDENCE that the U.S government took nearly FIVE freaking days to respond to the victims huh? Hmm…think they would have taken so long had the area been more AFLUENT? Oh, I know, I know, you’ll probably say some crap like why didn’t the mayor or state government do a better job, right? Yep, none of this has anything to do with economics or race, right? LMAO! Nice job there guy, keep up the good work.

  11. Sorry there guy for the typo, I’m typing kinda fast. I meant AFFLUENT, not AFluent. But you understand, right. Of course you do smart guy.

  12. Theresa Roy’ phone number is: XXX-XXX-XXXX. If you’re like me, you’ll call her to tell her she’s a typical Southern jerky face. If you’re like George Bush, you’ll call her to congratulate her on her 15 minutes of fame.
    [Even if this really is her phone number, I’m not interested in having it publicized on this blog site. Thanks for understanding. -Bill]

  13. Brian: Drink-typing is not as dangerous as drink-driving, but it certainly makes you look a right prat! Better give up the bottle before you type again.

    The fascist rubbish you have typed already is more than enough to counter your bogus claims to be educated.. (unless 3 years of school counts as “educated”?)

  14. “Facist” huh, wow! Great comeback Guy! I guess I’ll throw in the towell now. I know when I’ve been licked. You win “from another country but claims to be an expert on issues within the U.S.” Guy. Congrats ignoramus! Only pompous, arrogant, jackasses such as yourself, disregard the posibility of other truths within the world; but instead, disregard the thoughts of others and only accepts his as “FACT.” Your parents must be very proud. 🙂 Again, best of luck down your path of inevitable ignorance. :0)

  15. I see you ain’t finished the bottle yet Brian. I am impressed at your ability to type so neatly whilst you are so inebriated.

    You don’t handle drink very well, I suggest you give it up!

  16. Although his words seemed to be overly fueled on emotion, I’m afraid that I’m going to have to side with “Brian” on this one Punditguy(not sure what your real name is). This complex issue does infact seem to be heavily grounded in the elements of race and class. How on earth can you deny that? I’m interested to read your thoughts. –Tyler

  17. Pundit guy, do you have an answer? Again, I am interested in reading your thoughts as to why you feel the government’s late reaction to hurricane Katrina has in no way a relation to race or class? Perhaps you can enlighten me on your rationale. Again, Brian actually made MANY VALID points. I, myself, am certainally no “facist”, nor do I consider myself a racially centered individual. However, to me, it appears painfully obvious that the aftermath of Hurricane Katrin is indeed racially and socially attributed. Again, your thoughts?

  18. Tyler: It seems pundit guy is too busy making fresh postings to come all the way down here & give you his thoughts.

  19. I hate to say this, but I’m from St. Gabriel. Lived about a mile and a half from the store in question- which is located in an old wood building where two state highways meet up right next to the large telecom tower (gotta prove my credentials here).

    Theresa’s not usually this much of an ass, and her husband’s well respected in St. Gabriel. To say this is damned disappointing and disturbing is an understatement. Makes me even happier I got out of that town.

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