Fathers Day Gift Showcase

Or, show-off, I guess. Here’s what I got.

From the Manufacturer
The Saeco Italia fully automatic espresso and coffee center is one of the most feature-rich machines on the market for the money. This work of art makes perfect espresso or coffee in about 30 seconds at the press of a button. The Italia is beautifully designed using an all stainless-steel housing and heavy-duty construction. The Italia is part of a current line of Saeco machines so this model is not outdated.

The key feature of this machine is speed. Enjoy fully automated features that will have you making perfect espresso, coffee, lattes, cafe mochas, cappuccino, and other great coffeehouse drinks in the blink of an eye. You can have a coffee bar in your home or office without taking a lot of counter space because the Italia is compact and tucks easily under most overhead cabinets.

Advanced features include programmable brewing options, adjustable coffee strength, the ability to use pre-ground coffee of your choice in addition to coffee beans, rapid switching between brewing and steaming functions, adjustable coffee grinder for fine tuning your espresso/coffee, special pre-brew coffee conditioning system, and an automated cleaning system.

OK, I didn’t get it yet, but it’s on the way. This week sometime, I’ll be making Americanos and Cappuccinos, staying up late (really late) and blogging of course.


  1. INDC Journal says:

    Caffeine Fisk

    I’d planned to eviscerate the WaPo’s ridiculously patronizing “exposé” on the evil economics of a Starbucks habit, but David Adesnik beat me to it. And he’s quite brutal and thorough. Key graph: (emphasis mine) (WaPo:)She just graduated summa cum laude…

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