Ezra Klein, a.k.a “Juicebox”

Ace keeps the fire burning over the Journolist controversy.

I myself wonder what the hubbub is all about. Everyone knows the main stream media is a clique largely populated by left wingers. Cliques hang together and commiserate with one another. Before Jourolist, these people met for drinks after hours in overpriced bars to discuss their trade. You gotta believe there was plenty of collusion back in the day. You can’t blame the interwebs for starting this stuff. The ‘net just gave these guys easier access to one another, and less hangovers too, I imagine. So for people to be jaw-dropped over the fact that liberal members of the media talk with one another about “fairness” in their “unbiased” news reporting, and at times try to influence each other to gang up on other “out of compliance” media outlets is just plain silly. This stuff started long ago, and won’t end just because Journolist is offline.

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