Ernst Zundel – Unfairly Tried and Deported?

Other than reading a snippet somewhere which covered the recent deportation of Ernst Zundel, chronic Holocaust denial theorist, I hadn’t heard much at all about him. Now that I’ve taken time to look into his background, I understand one thing. It only takes a reasonable person two minutes to conclude that Zundel is a certified wacko. Just browse his website and you’ll see what I mean. Now that he’s been sent back to Germany, and directly to prison, people are coming out for and against his deportation. While there are dozens of examples of people who share the opinion that Zundel deserves everything he gets, I haven’t read too many opinions from the other side. I did read this one from Declan McCullagh. At the onset, I was ready to label Declan a sympathizer who deserves his own padded cell, but I kept reading.

Now, I think he’s right.

I agree with his assessment of the treatment Zundel received from the Canadian government. Even though Zundel is a lunatic, and even though he’s pushed the most insane Nazi propaganda I’ve read anywhere, he still shouldn’t have been deported on the grounds cited by The Crown.

Go on over and read Declan’s article.


  1. I think this recent article about Zundel examines his current situation in an insightful manner:

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