Edwards is (NOT) Out

Contrary to earlier reports, Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards will not suspend his campaign, and likely drop his bid altogether to care for even though his wife has had a recurrence of cancer.

No matter how much I disagree with this guy politically, he’s got his priorities straight. Family first.

Godspeed Elizabeth. 

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Edwards said nothing would change; his campaign would continue and Elizabeth would be by his side on the road. Elizabeth spoke about the importance of her husband’s campaign, how the country needs him to be president. Both said there was never a debate yesterday, as they were receiving the news about her condition, about whether he should drop out of the race. John said that when the two of them were alone, Elizabeth was concerned about everyone but herself—her children, her husband and her country, in that order, but not herself.

He clearly meant it to be inspiring, but there is also something discomfiting about that statement. Even more discomfiting was Edwards’ claim that by soldiering on while his wife has incurable cancer, he would be proving that he could deal with the pressures of being president. I wonder how voters will react to that sentiment.

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