Ed Koch, Prophet

While it’s easy to think former New York Mayor Ed Koch left this planet a few years ago (he pretty much stays out of the media), the man is very much alive. In fact, he’s so alive he’s begun to offer up prophesies. Apparently, Koch has a direct line to a deity somewhere and is appealing for certain results in the 2008 Election.

Die-hard Hillary Clinton supporter and former Mayor Ed Koch candidly admits in his latest commentary to an emotion most Clinton backers won’t readily discuss (at least not on the record): Fear.

Koch says Clinton’s loss in Iowa “scared the hell our of many of her supporters, including me,” adding:

“I’ll confess now that I will be silently praying to God that Hillary wins tomorrow and thereafter, even though I know it is foolish to think the Almighty – in whom I believe – intervenes in elections. Ridiculous, but who knows?”

Koch reiterated his prediction of a Clinton/Obama ticket.

“Last year, I prophesized that the Democrats would end up with a ticket comprised of Hillary and Barack,” Koch wrote. “Many thinking it impossible to have both a woman and a black elected on the same ticket laughed uproariously. I doubt they are still laughing, even though some would suggest a change in the order. Not I.”

Assuming for a moment that Hillary continues to lose contests leading up to February 5th, I think it’s out of the question that she could partner with Barack Obama. She is the anti-change to his big-change message. How can he suddenly turn his message around to include Hillary as a component of his lofty sugar plum fairy call for world-wide kumbuyah? Not gonna happen.

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