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Irishman Kevin McBride better protect both sides of his head…

Tyson: I’m going to gut him like a fish

MIKE Tyson spent much of this week explaining how he had mellowed as a human being, was comfortable with the place he had arrived at in life after a tortuous journey and how he was looking to a brighter future as a more humble and caring man.

Yesterday he said he would gut his next opponent like a fish, described him as a tomato can and said that if the opponent’s agent didn’t stop talking up the chances of amiable Irishman Kevin McBride there was a chance he’d get the guy killed.

As the 198cm McBride walked into the final press conference at a Washington university campus yesterday ahead of Sunday’s heavyweight extravaganza, Tyson’s mate bellowed out “Dead man walking”.

McBride, an amiable country boy from Clones, Ireland, could only smile ruefully as Tyson glared at him like a mad dog sitting behind a wire fence.

“Man, this is going to be a pit bull against a big soft labrador,” Tyson’s mate continued.

Then, Tyson threatened the man’s life.

McBride’s manager then climbed to the podium and announced to the assembled media from around the world that Tyson was an old man and that Kevin McBride, bigger, younger and stronger, would make sure the fighting geriatric never got another title shot. Tyson’s head almost burst at the effrontery.

“Sit down or you’re gonna get Kevin killed,” Tyson snapped.

“I’m gonna gut him like a fish. He’s a tomato can. This is gonna be a first-class education in humility. I just wish I was fighting you instead.”

I harken back to the ‘Rocky’ movies, where this spectacle was exactly that…just a put on, a promotional event to ratchet up interest in the fight. You know, the two fighters standing on stage, staring each other down while camera flashes pop and the rhetoric flies high. All a show right?

Not with Tyson. This guy is a complete psycho.

Kevin McBride’s trainers better pack a little extra protection with ‘em when they enter the ring. If Tyson starts chewing on Kevin like he did Evander, he’s gonna have to be felled.

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