Dude! 420

I knew there was a reason so many people were hanging out at Craig’s.

The classified-advertising Web site craigslist has become popular in recent years with young, tech-savvy city dwellers seeking apartments, jobs and for-sale items.

But it’s also being used as an Information Age black market for some Seattle-area marijuana dealers.

“I’m not too concerned about getting caught,” said Eric, a Bellevue man in his early 30s who peddles pot online through craigslist.

Local and federal law enforcement officials said they’re aware dealers like Eric are turning to craigslist and other Web sites to sell pot, but the amounts sold are generally so small they’re not very concerned.

Eric, who spoke on the condition that his last name not be used, says he doesn’t make much of a profit — if any — but sells enough marijuana so he can smoke for free. He sells small amounts — usually an eighth of an ounce, which brings in $30 to $40. Most clients are friends or friends of friends, Eric said.

Righteous! Open commerce on hooch sans the law! And if you wear a tin foil hat and dress like a fairy, you’re like, invisible man.

Party on.

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