Don't Mess With Yoko

Yoko Ono is plenty mad over a plan by British television network CHANNEL 4 to air a documentary featuring Mark Chapman, her late husbands killer.

JOHN LENNON’s widow YOKO ONO has attacked British television network CHANNEL 4 for planning to broadcast an interview with the late BEATLE’s crazed killer MARK CHAPMAN on the 25th anniversary of Lennon’s death.

The Japanese artist is devastated at the proposal and has warned TV bosses of the pain they will cause by airing the documentary.

Ono fumes, “I think it’s horrible of Channel 4 to do this. It shows a lack of understanding of the painful memories of what happened to John’s beautiful life.

“Myself, John’s family and so many fans will be hurt by the showing of such a programme.”

The interviews have been handed over to the network by journalist JACK JONES, who quizzed Chapman on three separate occasions for his book LET ME TAKE YOU DOWN – published in America in 1995. The title of the controversial tome is a chilling play on the first line of psychedelic BEATLES classic STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER.

But Channel 4 insist the subject will be treated with sensitivity – and claim the programme is more about investigating the psyche of a killer, than about the deceased singer.

A spokeswoman says, “It’s very much a serious documentary and will be handled accordingly,

“Neither Mark Chapman nor his family have received payment. The programme looks into Chapman’s psychology. It is about the mind of the murderer rather than about John Lennon.”

Yeah, so she broke up the Beatles. Yeah, so she can’t sing and when she does it drives dogs to commit suicide. Yeah, so she made a pansy out of her son Sean. Who cares…it’s all about JOHN anyway right? Did he ask to take a bullet from that freak Chapman? No way.

He’s dead, and that’s a drag.


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    Don’t Mess With Yoko

    BBC to air documentary on John Lennon’s killer, Mark Chapman….

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