Don't Believe a Stinkin' Thing They Say

CNN, with their overly optimistic headline, can’t mask the real story – Iran is no different today than they were yesterday.

Iran says it’s willing to resume talks

The Iranian government has provided a detailed written response to a package of incentives offered by the United States and other Western nations for Tehran to roll back its nuclear program.

But the Tehran government gave no public indication on whether it would agree to halt uranium enrichment and reprocessing.

Iran’s response has not yet been made public, and diplomats are still poring over the details of the response.

I could save them all sorts of time. The ‘response’ says NOTHING, as in, NOTHING NEW. My guess is Ahmadinejad thru in a bunch of carrot dangling incentives to France and Russia in the hopes they would delay any further inaction by the U.N. The man is building up his nuclear capability. The question is, will the U.S. bow to public pressure and wait for another 20+ do-nothing/say-nothing resolutions to come from the U.N., or will we send Iran a message in the form of a dozen bunker busting missiles surgically placed to bomb their nuke program out of existence?

I think I know the answer already, and it’s got K-O-F-I written all over it.

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