"Do You Think You're Dealing With a 4-Year-Old?"

Frankly, yes.

Ahmadinejad, defiant as ever, doesn’t want to play with anyone else’s ball on anyone else’s playground.

Iran’s president mocked a package of incentives to suspend uranium enrichment, saying Wednesday they were like giving up gold for chocolate — defiance that appeared certain to complicate U.S. efforts to curb Tehran’s nuclear ambitions.

“Do you think you are dealing with a 4-year-old child to whom you can give some walnuts and chocolates and get gold from him?” President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad asked derisively.

“They say they want to offer us incentives,” he said. “We tell them: keep the incentives as a gift for yourself. We have no hope of anything good from you.”

His defiance was met with shouts of, “We love you Ahmadinejad!” from the crowd.

Tell me, how do you negotiate with someone who doesn’t want to negotiate? You negotiate with a dozen strategically placed smart bombs aimed at knocking their infrastructure back into the stone age then quickly slap down any country that protests.

Will it come to this?

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