Do You Take This Dog To Be Your Lawfully Wedded Husband?

You’d think this was a joke, but it’s not.

Warding off evil eye: Baby married to dog

A baby girl in West Bengal was married off to a dog “to ward off the evil eye” that her father feared due to a premature appearance of her teeth.

Six-month-old Disha married her canine groom Pomi Monday at a Hindu ceremony at Polba village in Hooghly district.

The marriage was conducted for the girl’s “well-being” as she had grown teeth before her “annoprasan” or “rice ceremony” – a function when the baby is fed solids for the first time.

Reports said the girl’s father Kamalendu Bandopadhayay, who works in a court, was advised by some priests to conduct the marriage. The man spent about Rs.40,000 on the ceremony.

Pomi, who wore a floral garland for the occasion, is likely to be looked after by his new “in-laws”.

The girl’s mother was against the ritual, but her objections were reportedly overruled.

Oh where I could go with this story. The possibilites are endless…

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