Democrats: The Party of Tax Cuts?

Did I wake up on the wrong planet today? According to the Washington Times, Democrats plan to CUT TAXES (yes, cut them) rather than raise taxes as expected.

Included in their “Six for ’06” platform that they say helped them win majorities in the House and Senate, Democrats promised to: “Make college tuition deductible from taxes, permanently.”

Their tax cut promise is neither an election-year gimmick, Democrats say, nor a reversal in their long-standing opposition to Mr. Bush’s tax cuts.

“Democrats have made it clear that the middle class will be our priority and making college more affordable is a key concern of working families,” said incoming House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer, Maryland Democrat.

Oh, OK, I see. If the Dems say their tax cuts are not an election-year gimmick, you can bet they are an election year gimmick.

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