Democrats Have a Plan for Iraq

The plan is…to lose.

“We have said to the president … we want you to have a plan, and this is what we suggest,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, “a redeployment of our troops out of Iraq” to help “make the region more stable and make America safer.”

Redeployment…heh. Why won’t they just use the word withdrawal? Isn’t that what a redeployment out of Iraq means?

Just say it.

It’s a plan to give up. It’s a plan to leave the job unfinished. It’s a plan to lose.

Leaving Iraq now won’t make the region more stable. Leaving will result in a civil war worse than anyone can imagine. Leaving won’t make America safer. Leaving will communicate that America doesn’t have the toughness to stick it out. Leaving says we fold. We quit. Leaving Iraq means the terrorists will wage the next war knowing we don’t have the guts to stop them.

Leaving Iraq means losing.

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