Democrats Are Obsessed Over Alito

I don’t know why I’ve been listening to the Alito hearings because it’s driving me crazy. The Democrats just won’t stop on the issue of Samuel Alito’s membership in the Concerned Alumni of Princeton. Apparently, Drudge was right, in that the Dems are attempting to attach controversial statements by members of CAP to Alito. So far though, it seems fruitless.

Meanwhile, the drama continues, as a report was just released stating that Alito’s wife Martha was so fed up with the questioning that she left the room in tears. The sessions have been gruelling.

One senior Republican in the hearing room said of the situation: “After three full days of attacks against her husband’s character, Mrs. Alito had enough. Democrat behavior during this hearing has not only been wrong, it’s been embarrassing. Ted Kennedy is nothing but a bully.”

A hiccuping bully, at that. S’pose he’s drunk?

The whole thing is a charade, and it’s unfortunate that this is what it takes to be confirmed as a Supreme Court judge today. Ruth Bader Ginsburg never faced this pressure.

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