Democratic Underground: Let the People Loot!

I’m not the type to regularly read or visit the Democratic Underground, but sometimes I head on over, just to see what They are saying. I was pretty busy blogging Katrina, so I didn’t have time to do my regular lunchtime blog trolling yesterday, which is why I didn’t pick up on this, but Ray at Boatswain’s Mate was helpful enough to send an email tip.

If you followed any of the Hurricane coverage today, you probably saw this report:

Reports of looting in New Orleans
Mon Aug 29 2005 22:37:31 ET

Police with automatic weapons were called to patrol a grocery store after looters went on a rampage, WWL-TV reports.

Police with automatic weapons were called to patrol a grocery store after looters went on a rampage there, grabbing groceries and ripping apart ATMs. The pharmacy was ransacked and merchandise was thrown all around the store.

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour said looting will not be tolerated in his state.

“I have instructed the highway patrol and the National Guard to treat looters ruthlessly,” Barbour said. “Looting will not be not be tolerated and rules of engagement will be as aggressive as the law allows.”

Or this one:

“Returning from a fact-finding expedition from the newspaper’s Howard Avenue headquarters, a group of reporters and photographers stumbled on a parade of looters streaming from Coleman’s Retail Store, located at 4001 Earhart Blvd., about two blocks away from The Times-Picayune offices.

“The looters, who were men and women who appeared to be in their early teens to mid-40s, braved a steady rain and infrequent tropical storm wind gusts to tote boxes of “clothing and shoes from the store. Some had garbage bags stuffed with goods. Others lugged wardrobe-sized boxes or carried them on their heads.

“The line going to and from the store along Earhart Boulevard numbered into the dozens and appeared to be growing.

“Some looters were seen smiling and greeting each other with pleasantries as they passed. Another group was seen riding in the back of a pickup truck, honking the horn and cheering. The scene also attracted a handful of curious bystanders, who left the safety of their homes to watch the heist.

“No police were present in the area, which is flooded heavily with standing water two to four feet deep on all sides of Earhart Blvd.”

I was watching a live television stream out of New Orleans when I saw this craziness. Wind blowin, drenching rain, debris flying all over the place, and there they are…dozens of people looting THEIR neighborhood. Never mind that any one of them could have been hit and killed by the wood planks and strips of metal flying through the air. No way, they just had to have that combo DVD/TV with picture in picture. Oh, and don’t forget the twinkies and warm Budweiser. Mmmm Mmmm.

I was stunned by this lunacy.

So, I went hunting around to see what the reaction was. I was sure that I’d find hundreds of others throughout the blogosphere agreeing that acts such as these should be met with rubber bullets (as a warning, then the real stuff), cuffs, various shackles, and a roughed up ride in the paddy wagon clear on over to Texas where they know how to “adjust” folks like this.

Yet the Lefties over at the Democratic Underground have no problem with people committing criminal acts. One by one, the moonbats tossed aside moral decency, and threw the rule of law right under the bus.

Here’s a sample:

The fact the national guard is keeping people from FOOD shows we are NOT living in a democracy, the Rich people’s THINGS must be protected from starving people!! Remember the french revolution, the rich make sure the lower class suffers and is desperate, the middle class is scared of poor people, the soldiers are bribed obedient and loyal. That is how they stay rich and on our backs.

F**k all the corporate pigs. F**king a**holes! Disaster shows us the true use of our military is to PROTECT PROPERTY of corporations above human life, to keep the rich secure people DIE.

I say Eat the rich people if they will not let you get food. Roast them on a spit and share the bounty. They have been fed on the finest organic foods.*sarcasm*

Damn I am pissed. Let the people EAT. What happened soldier to defending life? Life comes before property IF you are not a sociopath scum bag. Don’t obey wealthy scumbags posing as “leaders”. Sheesh.

And this:

After a disaster like Katrina I think the rich mans rules can stand to be relaxed a bit.

It goes on and on and on.

There are some who are defending the rule of law, but they don’t appear to be persuading many DU’ers.

I’d love to hear someone from the Democratic Underground, or any Democrat for that matter, defend stealing. I’d love to read an explanation of how it’s O.K. to destroy someone’s property and take away their ability to provide for their families. It’s kind of like defending the terrorists. They do that too.

And They call themselves Americans.

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  1. Right Wing News says:

    The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day: Pro-Looting Liberals

    So, I’m headed over to the Democratic Underground to look for threads blaming George Bush for hurricane Katrina. I know…

  2. I think you’re being journalistically dishonest. The thread at DU was about looting, but what made the thread was the diverse opinions about it. You make is sound is if they were all not just overlooking the looting but actually condoning it. On the other hand, I feel that anyone who doesn’t recognize the moral dilemna of this situation it either not being honest or is just close minded. By the way, on Right Wing News, there was a thread with comments from conservatives that reflected that same ethical problem and many of them expressed it more eloquently than thoe at DU. There are a few who make absolute statements like “looters should be shot on sight,” placing property over human lives, but most could excuse, at least, people taking sustenance items. No one that I’ve seen excused taking luxury items or breaking into ATM’s and the like. So for anyone to pretend that those “liberals are just crazy over there” and portray them as condoning criminal activity seems to me unfair.

  3. julie jones says:

    It’s UNAMERICAN, They are TRAITORS, for thinking that people should be able to drink and eat when they are starving and dehydrated. Do you people have some central authority who gives you all your “TASS” like talking points? I love the two FEMA contractors who were looting, no surprise since 20% of FEMA employees have CRIMINAL RECORDS. Way to go Brownie! (Drownie)

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