Dean Denial Math

In the SF Chronicle piece referenced in Bill’s post below, Wade Randlett, a Silicon Valley Dem Party fund raiser noted a recent Business Week story saying Republican National Committee chairman Ken Mehlman was lapping Dean on the fund raising circuit.

According to the story, the DNC has raised less than half of the $42.6 million raised by the RNC in the first four months of the year.Dean, whose schedule in San Francisco Monday included the roundtable, a visit to a gay and lesbian house party, and a fund-raiser, called the report “total hooey.””It’s silliness and gossip. We’re raising twice as much money as we did in 2003,” Dean said. “We’re raising a million dollars a week. We’re doing fine.”

Hmmm…first four months of the year…one million a week…isn’t that like, 16 million to the RNC’s 42 mil?!? Yeah, that’s total hooey. This is like watching the OJ slow speed chase all over again.Dean’s gotta stay!!

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