Daschle for President

Oh, this is rich.

Former South Dakota Sen. Tom Daschle is weighing the possibility of running for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008.

“I have received a lot of encouragement,” Daschle said in an email today to the Argus Leader.

Daschle didn’t rule out the possibility of an official announcement in the near future. But for now, he said, he has no plans to run for national office.

In his email, Daschle said the primary factors in his decision “would be my family and our mutual decision to consider the rigors of a campaign and reentry into public life.”

Daschle made similar comments over the weekend to another publication. In a Saturday story in the National Journal, Daschle said he was “taking a look at” entering the race.

Analysts see the 2008 race beginning to take shape, with candidates and possible candidates from both parties hinting more openly about their plans.

Larry Sabato, a political expert at the University of Virginia, said Daschle was not in his latest rankings of likely Democratic candidates because he wasn’t convinced Daschle would run.

“I wouldn’t call him the favorite, or even second or third. But it’s early,” Sabato said.

Can you imagine how much video footage there is of Daschle that can be used against him by the Republicans? Why in the world would he want to run for the highest office in the land when he knows that every other quote made by him on ‘Meet the Press’ can be used to help the GOP remind Americans that Daschle is the KING of obstruction? How could he convince a majority of Americans that he’s the right guy for the job in 2008? Talk about a non-starter. I hope this is a one and only attempt at floating this trial balloon.

Next thing you know we’ll be hearing from Terry McAuliffe. Oooh…scary.

The Democratic Party needs new blood, as does the GOP. Trotting out the same ‘ol has beens, like Gore, Kerry, Clinton, and McCain is a mistake.


  1. His video footage is exactly what will put him in the race. People don’t want bush anymore as evidenced by his 36% gallup approval pole as well as many others that confirm this low #. People don’t want bush and they want someone who will answer to them. Dachle has answered to his people. And he has riled the gop cage on repeated basis. He is a political operative and is good at it. He has a chance IF he has the right running mate. South Dakota fighting for right of life is going to elevate this election in many ways some of which helps dachle as well. Us pro choicers who don’t want the rights over our body legislated in any congress out number the religious zealots who hold the world hostage with a featus picture and partial birth abortion which most agree on both sides that its ok that its illegal.

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