“Cowards Cut and Run, Marines Never Do.”

I’m watching Fox News, and I see this.


I felt like I was in London watching a session of Parliament, rather than sitting in a hotel in downtown Philadelphia.

And so it is now with the U.S. Congress. Rabid animals, unhinged, undisciplined, with microphones. An exercise in irrelevance.

Yet, the day wasn’t completely wasted. Congress voted itself a pay raise.

Kick ‘em all out. Let’s start with a brand new Congress in 2006.

UPDATE: It’s 10:15 PM EST, and I’m watching Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) on CNN. Jeez, does this guy think he’s a rock star now or what? Knowing how things work, we’ll probably see him on the cover of PEOPLE Magazine next week partying with Tara Reid.

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