Countdown to Shutdown

Sinclair Broadcast Group, which owns 62 television stations throughout the U.S., has asked their stations to air a documentary critical of John Kerry’s 1971 congressional testimony and his subsequent anti-war activities. A number of democrats as well as the DNC have been going nuts over this, with protests hurled in every direction – most notably the FCC and the FEC (will the U.N. be next?). Given the nature of politics these days, I predict that in no time we’ll see an investigation into Sinclair’s past business dealings as well as a good ‘ol fashioned tax audit by the IRS.

Meanwhile, Sinclair has posted the following on their website:

“We welcome your comments regarding the upcoming special news event featuring the topic of Americans held as prisoners of war in Vietnam. The program has not been videotaped and the exact format of this unscripted event has not been finalized. Characterizations regarding the content are premature and are based on ill-informed sources.

Massachusetts Senator John Kerry has been invited to participate. You can urge him to appear by calling his Washington, D.C. campaign headquarters at (202) 712-3000.”

The DNC posted their own crucifiction campaign. 

It’s about to get (even more) nasty.

Update: And the Kos wackos are in full swing already.

Update II: Good Lord, that didn’t take long.

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