Cooking Meth 101

Our Tax Dollars At Work. And people wonder why parents choose to homeschool their kids…

 In-Class Meth Demonstration Angers Parents

A local woman went ‘through the roof’ when a deputy took his anti-drug message to high school.She says he showed students how to make methamphetamines, and she has the video to prove it.Grays Harbor County sheriff’s deputy shows class, “And the reaction will start occurring down there and start bubbling up.”

It is part chemistry class and part drug enforcement as a member of the Grays Harbor drug task force talks to Elma High School students about making Methamphetamine. Deputy shows class: “Then you’ll have a little bit down at the bottom, the white stuff, and that’s your meth.”


Yep, that’s YOUR meth. Close your eyes. Can’t you just picture the kids in class that day…furiously taking notes…ready to stop by Walmart on the way home to pick up their bucket, their home cleaning products, and their pseudoephedrine.

Perfect, just perfect.

One parent considers it a recipe for disaster.

“I was really upset when my daughter had come home and said ‘mom we learned how to make meth today in school,’ ” said parent Teresa McCutcheon. “My jaw just kind of dropped and I said, ‘what?’ “

A completely normal response, by the way. Any less of a reaction and I’d be calling CPS.

Teresa McCutcheon found it hard to believe what her daughter was telling her. She wanted to see for herself, so she demanded and got a videotape of that class.

Back when I was in school, there was no class being videotaped, so this is a new thing to me. How often are classes recorded? Is there some kind of mandated video archiving going on or is it the choice of the school? If you know, let me know.

The McCutcheons say it’s one thing to learn about the dangers of meth and how to spot a meth lab. It is another thing to show kids how it’s made.

No kidding.

“I think it’s a good thing to be educated about it, but it’s bad if they’re teaching you how to do it,” said high school freshman Christene McCutcheon.

We showed the same video to Grays Harbor County Undersheriff Rick Scott. He says it’s the same demonstration the drug task force has been putting on for several years, but they’ll review it.

Oh great – for years they’ve been doing this and the little kiddies have been diligently learning their craft.

“We talk about how methamphetamine is manufactured. I think there’s a big difference between ‘how’ it is manufactured and ‘how to’ manufacture it,” Scott said.

Yeah, one word. Big difference.

Christene is asked, “So you think you learned how to make methamphetamines because of this demonstration?” Christene answered, “Yes. I just don’t know how to mix it all together.”

Scott says, “We’ll look at this, but we stand pretty firm in that this is an educational tool. The schools have been very receptive to it in years passed.”

In other words, even though you’ve complained Ms. McCutheon, we’re going to continue teaching this crap. That’s why people homeschool, so they can control the type of education their children receive.

UPDATE: December 4, 2007 – another teacher, another meth cooking class.


  1. DARE!

    …to teach kids how to cook meth! H/T Michelle Malkin…

  2. “Back when I was in school, there was no class being videotaped, so this is a new thing to me. How often are classes recorded? Is there some kind of mandated video archiving going on or is it the choice of the school? If you know, let me know.”

    All I can add is that, when I was a teacher, I often wished I had videotapes so that I could prove I was right. Especially as a sub, the administration would often believe the kid’s word over mine in a dispute!

    I would have been perfectly happy to have a camera on me at all times recording. The kids would know that any of their BS could be shown to their parents or even archived for later reference.

  3. Here’s Your Tax Dollars on Drugs

    There’s your meth kids. Now go get ’em. The best I ever got to see in chem class was sulfuric acid reacting with copper.

  4. Michelle Malkin says:


    In the name of fighting the drug war, one public high school is teaching kids how to cook meth. Your tax dollars at work….

  5. Greg Turner says:

    What, just because ONE parent complains, Grays Harbor County is suppose to pull the plug on a program that has been going on for years? I am so sick and tired of people that think the world revolves around them. Give me a break. If enough parents complain, then things will take their natural course and the program will get pulled. Until then, tell that parent to build a bridge and get over herself. Sheeesh

  6. Garfield Ridge says:


    I can finally put my finishing touches on my home meth lab, thanks to all my friends at Elma High School. Story here. I’m sure that Mister Veiny will be *very* pleased with these developments. Yay!

  7. Do these people know nothing about teens?

    I find myself somewhat on the fence about the issue of drugs. But this is one of those moments that makes me wonder what on earth those in charge were thinking.

  8. The Owner's Manual says:

    I D.A.R.E. U

    D.A.R.E. = Drug Addict Recruitment and Enabling We’ve grown accustomed to peddling ignorance for chastity [The Hazard of Funding Fundies], but there’s something especially jarring about law enforcement teaching school kids to manufacture illegal drugs….

  9. The Loudest Cricket says:

    Why we’re planning on home-schooling

    My wife and I are planning on home-schooling our children (ok, my wife will be doing most of the work…but that’s not the issue). We have a very low opinion of the current state of public schools (and private schools…

  10. Peter Sultan says:

    I remember watching a news program in
    Providence, RI about how easy it was to steal
    cars. The camera zoomed in on a police
    demonstration in which a cop used a screwdriver
    to open the front door, pry off part of the
    steering column, disable the alarm system and
    then pulled out two wires and hotwired the car.

    The reporter said “we’re not telling car
    thieves anything they don’t already know”.

    My roommate turned to me and said, “Yes, but
    *I* didn’t know any of that, and now I know how
    to hotwire and steal a car!”

  11. JunkYardBlog says:


    Two words: charter schools. The one fly in that ointment, though, is that by and large school jurisdictions control where charter schools may and may not operate. And in leftwing sinkholes like Baltimore, where the teachers union reigns supreme and…

  12. Walkin' On The Right says:

    Attend Public Schools Learn to make meth

    I guess this is how we are fighting the war on drugs in our public schools these days, by teaching them how to cook meth.

  13. The Pink Flamingo Bar Grill says:

    Making meth at home, fun things we learned in clas

    I wonder if my wife and I should teach this stuff to our children in home-school?

  14. Greg, if one parent is complaining, how many WOULD be complaining if they knew what was going on? “For every person who asks a question”, and all that.

    Ms. McCutcheon is not demanding that they end the program. She is not demanding that they change things because of HER personal perferences. She’s simply aghast that they’re showing the kids how to cook meth, and thinks that it’s stupid for an ANTI-drug program to teach how to make a drug.

    Can’t you see the conflict in that?

    The only thing that needs to change is that the cops need to stop teaching how to manufacture meth. They can still teach how to identify a meth lab, the effects, all of that. But they shouldn’t be showing exactly how it’s made.

  15. Public School Showing How To Make Meth

    And you wonder why people are homeschooling their kids?

  16. W. T. F.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but when meth labs are busted here down California way, cops catching meth being cooked would result in a full-on HazMat deployment, complete with MOPP suits.

    This guy in the video has no glasses, no gloves, no bib, no mask. Admittedly, he is doing it the way your average meth cooker would do it, but I’m having a tough time with this one.

  17. The Blue Site says:

    Public High School Teaching Kids How to Make Meth

    Grays Harbor County Undersheriff Rick Scott is clearly a clueless man. He and his department regularly give demonstrations to high school kids on how to make meth, and they actually make it in the class (a deputy makes it, not…

  18. Media Lies says:

    As if we didn’t already have enough problems….

    ….with drugs in this country, now Sherriff’s deputies are teaching how to make methamphetamines to high school students! (Hat tip to

  19. This Will Be On The Test

    Meanwhile, in grade 8 Family Health, Mrs. Johnston demonstrates the correct way to perform a kitchen table abortion….

  20. says:

    Meth Lab 101

    It seems that it’s every day I hear about a meth operation, but never heard of one like this before. PunditGuy has an article on a Grays Harbor County Deputy Sheriff who shows a class how to make crystal meth.

    It is supposed to be part chemistry cla…

  21. Don’t meth labs have an annoying tendency to explode if even the tiniest mistake is made?

    Of course, these folks have been doing it for a while, so they’ve probably got the bugs worked out…

  22. White Trash Academy

    ‘Dja ever wonder where our rural bretheren learned (sorry, ‘learnt’) their meth-cooking skills? Well, if they’re anywhere near Elma, Washington, they could just go to high school and take Recreational Pharmacology 101: ELMA – A local woman went ‘throug…

  23. At PunditGuy: “Cooking Meth 101”

    The whole of the incident does remind us of a very key lesson. As Christians still live in bodies on earth, they are split between two kingdoms. We are part of the Kingdom of Heaven which is not like any earthly kingdom. In the realms in which we li…

  24. Myopic Zeal says:

    Yet Another Reason People Homeschool

    Learn. To. Make. Meth. At. School.
    Kate is watching next for the DiY abortion demo.

  25. Homeschooled kids deprived…

    …of opportunities to be molested HomeSchoolMomTips …of valuable lesson in making illegal drugs Michelle Malkin, Outside the Beltway, PunditGuy…

  26. The Uncooperative Blogger says:

    Meth Lab 101

    I cam across this story on the Pundit guy :

    A local woman went ‘through the roof’ when a deputy took his anti-drug message to high school.

    She says he showed students how to make methamphetamines, and she has the video to prove it.

    Grays Harbo…

  27. This is likely blown out of proportion and out of context. As a previous post notes, there’s no protection for the deputy. He’s not making actual meth either. He’s likely even leaving out a few crucial steps. He’s demonstrating what’s involved to help people recognize it and to understand why its so common place. Any high school student can easily find “how to make meth” on the Internet, especially in Usenet groups.

    The Sheriff and police want more of us to understand what meth is about, and how its made from commonly available items. How to recognize the likely production of meth. As a Red Cross volunteer who often goes into burned out houses, or as a former volunteer firefighter, they wanted us to be on the look out to protect ourselves. They also want regular citizens to understand how to recognize meth. This training is available to the general public.

    Why? We had an unsuccessful meth lab next door. Having had the training, we began to understand what we saw, smelled and heard. After the jerks moved out, we went inside (with the new owner) and sure enough, there were remnants of a meth lab left behind.

    Since my own kids learned about meth and what to look for, they have alerted us to a few other suspicious situations in the neighborhood.

  28. What you’re leaving out of the story is that McCutcheon did not go to the school board or the sheriff (elected officials with the power to make changes); she started calling TV stations. Predictably, Fox News was interested. Interested only in what McCutcheon had to say, according to the local newspaper: “FOX, in particular, didn’t even want to talk to us,” the undersheriff says. “They said we could submit a four-to-five line statement, and they would run it on the screen during the story.”

    Another example of “We distort, you decide.”

  29. Gene Bingaman Jr. says:

    I guess it’s OK for the law to make meth but not the public? All I have to say is who gave the law permission to cook meth? They are no different than the criminals who do it already. I say Prosecute them! The law is the law!

  30. Misty Young says:

    I am completely amazed at what I have seen! I cannot believe that a school system allowed a sheriff’s dupty to walk into a classroom full of young children, and actually show them how to make meth.
    This makes me sick. I have several friends and loved ones who are addicted and/or have been addicted to this very drug. They have been arrested, and sentenced by someone who wears a badge, but they allow a man of the law to come in and make it, please, this is crazy.
    I would like 1 reason as to why this was allowed to go on. If I was a person of the law, and I wanted to show young children or teenagers anything about the drug, why not show them the harm, and trouble it could cause them later in life.
    Our country is in enough trouble has it is, and the last thing we need is a man of the law to walk in and actually show someone how to make the stuff.What makes him any different than all the other people who cook this crap? Oh, I forgot, his badge.
    This is exactly what is wrong with the world today.

  31. I think its a dam shame that this was allowed to happen ………………. say here is an idea instead of showing kids how to make meth, why dont they take a class of kids to a city morgue where someones has over dosed on this sh_t and MAKE them look into the eyes of dead user, oh what i am thinking that would be wrong !! COME ON PEOPLE WAKE THE HELL UP !!!!!!!!!

  32. well if you people actually woke up to see why the hell your kids take the damn thing may be just may be that would solve the problem.

    when was the last time ur kid actually came up to u and told you about thier problems even the simplest of things.

    let me guess almost close to never.

    well the kids have woken up a long time a go,
    its time for u to wake up and see the problem.
    and nor they nor the world is the problem its you.

    and yes most of you will say but i love my kid and blah blah blah etc etc …….
    but thats what you think why dont u actually
    look in to thier eyes and ask them the same question and i am more than sure you wont like the answer.

    so if u took to the time to actually give a shit about a teens problems insted of braging about how you bring home money and put food on the table then may be that teen wont have to get excited about learning how to make meth.
    or using it.

  33. sorry if i’m beating a dead horse here, but maybe the reason that video was shown to the class was to expose how dangerous and uncertain the process of making meth really is.

  34. I agree with Misty Young about taking the kids to a morgue to see a victim of meth. But more importantly, why not take them to a burned out house that blew up while it was being mixed? Why not take them and let them visit the children whose parents have gone to prison or have been killed or are addicted and are no longer part of their lives? There’s a million things they could learn from other than a whacked out “demonstration”. Remember, knowledge is a tool and it can be used for bad or good. Why show anyone any type of “basics”. If you want them to learn about the smells, sites and sounds of something of this nature, can’t you be a little more creative in the presentation for such?

  35. Jane Atkinson says:

    What a stupid thing to do!! Honestly! I actually caught my son trying to make it in the basement. And he’s only eleven

  36. ewww.

  37. If only sex-ed were as much fun!

  38. Eh, there are bigger problems in this country right now…..stop worrying about this crap….as said before a google search’ll teach anyone how to make it…just as easy….besides seeing it wouldnt be much help…you’d need to google it anyway to learn the amounts and whatnot….unfortunetly i know…i used to do a lot of coke and meth..

  39. That is sweet, i wish my school was like that.

  40. It’s fairly obvious that this is a typical example of American’s going ape over something without actually sitting down and looking at the situation properly..

    As others have pointed out, they’re not making meth, but just a mixture of some of the ‘common’ ingredients..

    Part of this is to help kids identify it.. and part is to show them how stupid some of the contents are.. i mean, come on, if kids knew they were snorting household cleaning products and the dangers associated with them, do you think they may think about it a little harder before they take it?

    Bottom line is.. this wasn’t just a random officer going beyond the bounds.. this was an approved demonstration.. which would have set boundaries and safety nets.. psychologists would have analysed the possible impact it would have .. etcetc

    you’ve just got some stupid american soccer mum jumping up and down because she doesn’t understand it herself..

    yay america.. you’re all so messed up

  41. Hey im fuckin all tweeked out and I wanna learn how to make some straight up nazi shit can you help?

  42. I think that people should stop trippin on shit like this but still why not just stick with what God put here for us man we need to quit fuckin with the meth man and hit a fuckin bad ass bud filled bowl on a bong cuz. Stop bitchin and roll up a blunt my nig ya’ll gosta stop trippin man if you ain’t smokin you gotta do watcha gotta do to get high as a motherfucker cuz. ya’ll’s truly cuz roll a joint and relax.


  44. Startin to understand!! says:

    No fuckin wonder that Grays Harbor County has such a HIGH rate of meth abusers,death,drug related violence,and of course job security for D.T.F,you smart mother fuckers?NOT,lets teach our children something legal, to spend their extra time growing up,to do that might pay off for someone besides Grays Harbor County employyees.Like buy some new computers and offer a fukin computer class……….Wow,what a thought???!!!!!!Dumb Bastards.thanx

  45. kyle rowe says:

    hey guys crack kills and that’s the truth…had several friends die from crack and meth.

  46. William Clark says:

    Yall didnt know the police has been going out and teaching folks how to cook this shit for a long time they make a lots of money for ever meth lab they bust come on now get real they do this shit a lot down here in Texarkana…………………Hell even are own police has been busted by the feds……

  47. Man all this is true… all y’all need to take this into consideration.

  48. I think there is too many drug dealers on the street selling poision, my brother is addicted tom crack, and it seems there always finding him but never the guys who have it ,even though they know of there activities. it makes the word wonder if the police just dont care as long as it doesn’t cause them to actually go out to the gettos and find these people. if pot was lealized I know alot of our problems wouldn’t be so bad, but it is up to the so called goverment and thats just not going tom happen..untail there loved ones get onn it and then maybe someone will listen..

  49. This is crazy, here I am spending hours searching the net on how to make some for myself and they have someone from the Law teaching it right there! Why can’t I get in on that and why is it so hard to find the exact recipe on the net??

  50. I hope this is a hoax. Cooking meth not only hurts the environment (everytime meth is made–5 to 6 lbs of toxic waste is left), but the children can inhale these toxic fumes! Permanent brain loss…

  51. I think yall are all nuts i mean who wants to sit around and make meth so that they feel good. but hey whatever floats your boat have a great life (not)!!!! :0

  52. wish i could find this video 🙂

  53. Yeah, control. If those kids wanted to use meth, they’d find out how to make it anyway. You all would rather shelter your children so they’ll never think. You’re all sheep. Legalise it so addicts can safely get help and USA can have their fifth ammendment back.

  54. Concerned Neighbor says:

    I’m surprised that this page is still taking comments and also very interested in this homeschooling idea. Is homeschooling where your children experience none of the negatives of life in a society while learning about God and Jesus and how the necessities of life will be provided for them if only they believe enough? That sounds great.

    Unfortunately, those same children (barring the rapture, which I’m sure you believe is imminent) will someday need to go out and make actual money in an actual world where not everyone believes in your God or Jesus, and where the the folks they must compete against for jobs, and therefore food and shelter, received practical life experience in the same public school system you so despise. That hated school system is, more likely than not, the reason you are able to make your living today.

    If only the evil liberal bureaucrats hadn’t vaguely shown those middle schoolers how meth was sort-of cooked so they could tell if they were in a bad situation at a friend’s house!

    Are homeschoolers teaching their children about the link between poverty and drugs? Somehow I doubt it.

  55. Sprmcandy says:

    Whats a little meth? Big deal.

  56. actualwizard says:

    okay they didnt teach them shit. look first you clean all stuff cept smoke off bottle with coleman next you pour coleman into your shake bottle dont use 1 thats old a fresh 1 is strongest powerade is safest cuz it’ll give at the bottom and spray rather than blow up but for best compression though the lids harder to get off use 16 20 or 24 oz coke brand bottle and compression helps next add crushed pills loratadine-d 15 count is my preference though 48 count red hots is good 2 , after breaking down for these boxes 3 aaa or 1 aa and 1 aaa by ripping nipple off with catfish skinners then tearing it side ways unroll tear up and throw in add for each 2.4 grams of pseudo 1 standard prescription bottle full so for these 3.6 and 3.5 g boxes use 1 and quarter and equal amount dollar general brand or walgreens brand instant cold pack “bb’s” make sure not to get to break water pack when cutting open and add equal amount of red devil lye then close tightly and shake violently to get it going be ready to burp it quickly but not to quick it should feel as tight as a fresh bottle in the store of shook up doctor pepper unopened even in the powerade bottle very little give but not bulging though bulging doesnt scream ima die people be careful and anyways swirl before you burp have your coleman around double the mass of your blob dont have it to low and dont have it 2 high either around half bottle with blob is good , swirl before you burp to make sure lithium is down in the coleman not above it to get exposed to air after burping it and for first timers walk backwards as you burp so you dont choke up on anhydrous gas 2bad but then shake some more keep your pressure steady and burp it after swirling shake it often it should look sandy inside and you should get gold up top if you let it sit for a little while force it into the blob by shaking violently after you are no longer building muchpressure around 45 min to an hour and a half add another quarter pill bottle or so of ammonia nitrate “bb’s”and lye and repeat as you did before til pressure is low again then get you 2 mason jars get 1 of them warm with a heat lamp or blow dryer put 7 coffee filters pulled apart and restacked into the top pour the coleman off the blob into the jar thru filters and ring out filters good add fresh coleman to your blob and set aside for now get your coleman fuel to 118 exactly while you take a bottle water bottle watever that hasnt been rinsed with coleman pour in about 3/4 cup 2 1 cup damp rid from laundry department and force tubing through a bottle lid and glue at the top of the bottle lid with hot glue gun to make air tight pour a small amount of liquid fire after you added crushed hard candy if you didnt leave moisture from a soda r if you did in there and put the lid with tubing on it now hold tubing slightly above the 118 degree coleman and pump out the smoke over the liquid though using mayonaise jar lid with hole andtubing put down over fuel and another hole with a vaccuum that is at the top is my preferred method this gas is rough but anyways you’ll see white forming and dropping in the fuel thats dope keep going til there seems to be no more now that other jar put 5 filters on it and pour the jars contents into the other dope stays on and in these filters put them under lamp closed up for awhile not to long and pour coleman back into bottle and add 1/4-1/2 pill bottle of your bb’s and lye to it and start working it the same as before but also scrape your drop jar or get a third and after pressure stops again repeat smoke off process and pour over thats second pull this is the correct way to make the best meth there is

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