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Could it be any more obvious that CNN longs to relive the 90’s? The Clinton shillers should be ashamed of themselves for commissioning such a blatantly biased and worthless poll.

Poll: Clinton outperformed Bush

In a new poll comparing President Bush’s job performance with that of his predecessor, a strong majority of respondents said President Clinton outperformed Bush on a host of issues.

They even have a link to a video that says, “Watch whether Americans are getting nostalgic for the Clinton era.” Puhleeze!

Just what service does this provide? What good is it? Hellooooo! Bill Clinton isn’t president anymore. We’re not going back (thank God!).

CNN stinks.


  1. Seems to me that this poll is “useless” mainly in the sense that it merely reports the obvious.

    You last statement seems odd. Is there really any ratonal person left who wouldn’t prefer to have a Clinton back, rather than this moron – for two and a half more years!!! (jesus help us…)

  2. I just wish that we could fast forward another 2 and a half years and reduce this dangerous moron to a bad memory.

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