Chavez: Idiot Dictator

Via James Morrison’s Embassy Row:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez called Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice illiterate and suggested in a speech last week that she had sexual dreams about him, prompting outrage among Venezuelan women’s groups, which denounced his "obscene and lewd" remarks.

Vulgar little twit.


  1. Too funny

  2. Christopher Pratt says:

    yeah, really funny…..if someone said that about HC, you would all but ready to invade his country.

  3. Actually, I’m ready to invade that third-rate little cesspool anytime. I think Hugo’s swarthy little head would look good sitting on top of a stick in front of his presidential palace.

    We could arrange his features into a smiley-face, perhaps, to cheer up the twelve or thirteen literate, rational people in his country.

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