Chaos Manor? More Like a Web of Chaos!

I followed this link at the suggestion of Glenn, but didn’t read the article because I couldn’t get over the awful web design. Jerry Pournelle is a well known writer for BYTE magazine. The guy has been using computers (probably) since the 60’s. You’d think he’d have time to learn HTML, or even Microsoft FrontPage for that matter. His site looks like it was designed in 1994, then retrofitted to look (sort-of) like a blog.

What’s with the floating dirigible? What does a blimp have to do with email?

The paragraph formatting with random size blank space between the various articles make the text incredibly hard to read. And look at the mess at the bottom of the page. Oh, and the PayPal buttons that show up arbitrarily here and there.


Jerry – 1 week, $500, and I can design a much more aesthetic website for you. Give me a call.


  1. When it absolutely, positively has to get there by massive amounts of non-flammable gas.

    Hindenmail? ZepEx?

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