Chafee Day

If this RHINO were to be ousted, it wouldn’t bother me in the least.

Moderate Republican Sen. Lincoln Chafee battles for political survival against a conservative challenger in Rhode Island on Tuesday as voters in nine states choose candidates for November elections.

Chafee hopes to avoid becoming the second incumbent U.S. senator to lose a primary in as many months, following Democratic Sen. Joseph Lieberman’s August loss in Connecticut to an anti-war challenger.

Chafee, who has often broken with Republican President George W. Bush, faces a challenge from the right from Cranston Mayor Stephen Laffey in what could be an unpredictable primary.

Laffey says Chafee is a big spender who is out of touch with the northeastern state of Rhode Island. But the White House and establishment Republicans have flocked to help Chafee, believing he offers their best hope of beating Democratic candidate Sheldon Whitehouse in November and keeping the seat in Republican hands.

And therein lies the problem. Chafee gets the help of the Republican party just to keep his seat in the Senate warm, yet he votes like a Democrat and talks like a Moonbat. We need less of him.

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