CBS Report Released

The blogosphere is boiling over in a big tub o’ RATHERGATE.

  • Download the report and read it for yourself. (PDF format)

Now read the commentary…

CBS Producer Mary Mapes (now unemployed) released a statement today. (PDF format) Powerline analyzes.

Ace highlights a CBS smear on Mapes.

Wizbang lists the 10 most serious defects found in the preparation and reporting of the story.

Scylla & Charybdis – "Whitewash!"

Howie Kurtz/Dana Milbank: "President Bush was reelected, and Dan Rather wasn’t." (WaPo reg required)

Drudge: "CBS News could be out of business in five years."

Illustrative commentary from Cox and Forkum.

Little Green Footballs: The DNC Connection.

Goldstein: Mary Mapes spotted in Arby’s.


  1. 4 CBS Workers: FIRED

    NEW YORK – Four CBS News staffers were fired Monday following the release of an independent investigation that said a “myopic zeal” led to the airing of a discredited story about President Bush’s military service. The panel’s 224-page report detailed…

  2. Mapes Fires Back

    Mary Mapes released her own statement today. — reproduced here in its entirety. STATEMENT OF MARY MAPES I am terribly disappointed in the conclusions of the report and its effects on the four of us who will no longer work…

  3. Crystal Clear says:

    Rather Hoped He’d Been Fired

    I have made my enjoyment

  4. Rathergate report abets Media Induced Ignorance

    Because the Thornburgh/Boccardi report falls shy of making the obvious conclusions listed above, and because it offers up the bogus “perfect storm” scenario as an explanation for how such an error could possibly happen, the report obscures the real c…

  5. CBS Fires Some, Lets Dan Rather Off

    …and Joe Gandelman, himself a professional reporter for 20 years, is not impressed.

    Pundit Guy has a

  6. Miscellanea – Too Much of a Good Thing Edition

    If you haven’t completely overdosed on Memogate, PunditGuy is here to help you along…

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